In menswear, creative expression knows no bounds and certainly no borders. All across the globe, gifted artists, designers, tailors and the like lend their artistic talents to their trades, enriching the creativity, originality and vitality of the industry. Indeed, art will always have a home in fashion and it’s difficult to determine where one ends and the other begins. Celebrating the art of different cultures is Brooklyn-based accessories label R. Culturi.

Born from a desire to “fuse art with classic men’s and women’s styling”, Anthony Brovchenko founded R. Culturi in 2014. What began as a passion project for the Kiev-born New Yorker has evolved into a thriving business that values collaboration, quality and attention to detail. Every piece in the label’s collection of neckties, pocket squares and scarves features an original work created by artists from all over the world. The goal is provide a diverse view of art and creativity by collaborating with individuals from a wide-range of countries. Moreover, R. Culturi’s philosophy is to honor the artist behind each piece and to tell their story.

“I’ve always been intrigued with different cultures, their languages, their histories, and how all of this was tangibly represented through the respective art, music, architecture, [and the like],” Brovchenko says. “Of course, I also love fine craftsmanship in clothing, shoes, and accessories. R. Culturi is the matrimony of these fascinations — to present original artwork from different countries in the form of a classic fashion accessory created in the best way possible.”

“There are many brands that sell well-made, beautifully designed accessories, but we want the customer to have a connection to the product that’s deeper than ‘it looks nice”


The Art of Craftsmanship

Partnering with Master artisans from the Como region of Italy, the label insists that every accessory be created from start to finish with only the finest materials and superb workmanship. Everything from the fabric selection, to the printing and hand finishing is meticulously overseen by local craftsmen at family-owned mills and factories to create a truly luxurious product. As a result, no detail in any of R. Culturi’s goods is an accident.

“There are many brands that sell well-made, beautifully designed accessories, but we want the customer to have a connection to the product that’s deeper than ‘it looks nice’,” Brovchenko explains. “Every artwork is completely original and was created specifically for our collection.” At the same time, the fabrics, weight and sizing of the label’s accessories were intentionally chosen to “amplify the beauty of each work of art” and for each item to be worn in the best way possible.

As a play on de culturis —meaning “of cultures” in Latin—, the name “R. Culturi” is a testament to the label’s mission to spread the universality of art. “We will keep putting out beautiful, innovative products and look to expand our offering to other types of accessories,” Brovchenko says. “These must be done carefully and in a way that is in line with our current ethos.” Inspired by culture and creativity, R. Culturi proves that art and fashion are one.