The skin is the body’s largest and most exposed organ. Taking care of it is often is overlooked when we think about our health, and yet it wears the most visible signs of being treated well or poorly. In the last decade, there has been a men’s skincare boom. The market has been flooded with new and brightly packaged options and it is easy to wonder where to invest funds when it comes to your skin. As with all consumer products, you get what you pay for with skincare and what could be a better investment than your health?

For men in many cultures, tanned, rugged-looking skin was formerly considered a badge of honor. Due to new scientific discoveries about skin health, there has been a generational shift in education for men concerning skincare. Even still, the men’s skincare industry is not considered to be as sophisticated as the women’s market. Until recently, the market was filled with products that originally targeted women and were repackaged for men.

“We are savvy shoppers,” says James Green, Managing Director of FIT Skincare. When it comes to shopping in general (and personal care products specifically), Green believes that men are often underestimated.

Taking care of your skin has multiple benefits, not the least of which is slowing down the aging process.

As a fitness enthusiast, Green was an early adopter of men’s skincare. He learned in his youth that taking care of your skin has multiple benefits, not the least of which is slowing down the aging process. Green recounts running into a former classmate and having him ask, “How come you look ten years younger than me?” There he saw an opportunity and set out to create a luxury skincare line that would not only be specially formulated for men’s skin, it would also be in packaging that men would be proud to have in their gym bags and bathroom shelves.

Made with men in mind

Launched in June 2015, FIT Skincare is a series of serums that deliver a more concentrated dose of active ingredients than creams. The products are designed to be an effective skincare solution for men who have been pinching their girlfriend’s products. Each formulation takes into account that men have skin that is up to 20% thicker than women. In addition, men generally have more hair and sebum—a naturally occurring oil that helps lubricate the skin. To accommodate these factors, FIT manufactures a line that specifically benefits men and remains focused on its specialized goal.

As a high-end skincare line, FIT offers a full range of products for the facebody and hair. The label ensures that it uses all natural ingredients, blended with high-tech solutions. FIT’s proprietary combination of vitamins and botanical extracts aide in both healing and protecting the skin. The development and blending of its formulas is overseen by chemists with generations of experience to guarantee their efficacy.

Though fulfilling, Green admits that starting a new company holds many challenges. He describes FIT Skincare as “a very small company in a competitive market.” He is energized when he receives “brilliant customer feedback” from people who have tried its products. As the company grows, Green says he has “a long list of products [he wants] to develop.” Right now though, he’s deeply focused on getting the name out there as well as continuing to educate men about the importance of good skincare.