Shoes are one of the rare items a man has in his possession that seems subtle in nature but plays an important role in leaving a good first impression and making your entire outfit work. At best, shoes can make a man look great by providing the perception of having great attention-to-detail and reinforcing that the man understands his own unique style.

There are many types of shoes in the market today. This is possible from the rise of men making their look a priority and discovering their own unique style.

So what makes a good shoe? There are many factors to consider but the most important, in my opinion, falls within its very foundation.  This foundation is the construction of the shoe.

If you are at all familiar with men’s shoes and men’s style in general, you will most likely have heard that Goodyear constructed shoes are the way to go and all others should be avoided. I think this is a poor way of selecting shoes, as there are numerous other methods that are just as high quality as a Goodyear welted one.

For the purpose of this article, I am going to discuss one of my favorite methods of shoe creation. The Blake constructed shoe.

What is Blake Construction?

In its essence, when we talk about Blake construction, we are talking about a shoe that has the upper part of the shoe single stitched to the lower part.

Blake construction is the Italian shoemaker’s method of choice and also its place of origin. If you every have the opportunity to visit this wonderful country and experience its sense of style, you will discover how passionate Italians are to this method of shoe creation.

As to what makes Blake constructed shoes a viable option for your next purchase, they are known to be lighter and more flexible when comparing to other methods and comfortable option for men.

While Blake constructed shoes may not be as durable as other methods, they shouldn’t be considered a cheap alternative as they can last a long time given proper care.


How Blake Construction Works

With Blake construction, the welt, sole, the outside and the inside are sewn together with just a single seam.  In contrast to the Goodyear welt, you can visibly see the stitching on the outside of the shoe.

Take this shoe by Paul Evans as an example. You can clearly see the outside of the stitching, which has been excellently crafted by their manufacturers in Italy.  Given that the soles are cut so closely due to no additional stitching needed on the sole edges, you are left with an extremely comfortable shoe that does not sacrifice much in terms of durability. Pair both criteria and you are left with a real high-quality pair of shoes.blake_rapid

Another advantage of the Blake constructed shoe as a result of the cut is you are left with a shoe that is much sleeker compared to its counterparts. This is a benefit since most of my suits, shirts and other clothing items are designed to be slim and modern in cut. Overall this creates a perfect balance that flows from the head to the toe.

As for most things in men’s style, how and where shoes are made is a big factor in the quality they possess. Shoes created with the Blake Construction method are no exception to this rule. Put a Blake constructed shoe created by a highly skilled cobbler against a Goodyear shoe of similar quality and there really would be no clear-cut winner.


When in the market for a new pair of stylish men’s shoes, the Blake construction is a great option. The important thing to consider when making a shoe purchase along with any other item in regards to style is that it fits within your own set of unique characteristics.