Textile Artwork by Illustrators, Painters, and Artists from Around the World
All R. Culturi scarves, pocket squares, and neckties are made in the Como region of Italy. We work with family-owned mills and factories to ensure that every accessory is created from start to finish by local craftsmen with decades of experience in fabric printing and textile production.

Every piece in the R. Culturi collection is an original work created by an artist that we researched and selected. Our goal is to collaborate with individuals from as broad a range of countries as possible in order to provide a diverse view of art and creativity from around the world. Some of the artists you will find in our collection are classically trained painters, some are illustrators, and some are digital artists. Experience or cachet doesn’t play a role in the selection process. We simply choose individuals whose work and style is distinctive, engaging, and alluring. Our philosophy is to celebrate the artist as much as their work and to give a voice to talented individuals who may not otherwise have an opportunity to showcase themselves on a global stage.

Fabric Selection – We use only hand-selected, high-quality fabrics specifically chosen to maximize the beauty and essence of each design. A warm, soft color palette may call for a gentle modal/silk mix whereas a brighter spectrum would work better with a classic 100% silk twill material.

Printing – We exhaustively sample each design before determining the best print type and setting to use. Our goal is to ensure exquisite print quality on both the front and back side of the accessory. The image must be true to the original design, colors must be vivid, and fine details can never be compromised.

Finishing – Every piece is hand-finished to create a truly luxurious product. This time-consuming, manual process ensures that edges and corners are skillfully rolled to achieve the ideal drape and fold while also preventing fraying.

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