Elegance & Humbleness

Our heart values going back in time yet Mess of Blues’ products are made in the present for you to keep forever. Mess of Blues doesn’t make vintage items but is inspired by that humble yet very elegant attitude that the early King Of Rock ‘n Roll, in the 50s and 60s breathed through his clothes, jewels, guitar, moves, and expressions.

Perfect Proportions

The brand’s very first priority is to create beautiful items that are perfectly proportioned in every single part with carefully balanced shapes, materials and the right shade of color or finishing touch.

Never without a shirt

The Secret Service Agent, the King of Rock, the Superstar and Art Director have many things in common;
They’re not hipsters flashing around big beards, colorfully tattooed arms and rolled up jeans.
On top of that, they almost never show up without a proper crispy shirt.
Mess of Blues is here to embellish that outfit with the right, perfect details.

Quality from the Heart

Each and every product that Mess of Blues creates is carefully crafted with the highest standards of quality. No exceptions. Every stitch you see in textile products or every comb-teeth is handmade in the North of Italy, the Holy Land of Craftsmanship. Every ingredient of the brand’s cosmetics is carefully selected by very experienced humans in Belgium, the Heart of Europe.

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