“the ultimate sustainable smart bags and accessories”

Carat23® breathes style and personality. Luxurious and masculine men’s bags and accessories. Inspired by men’s liking of simplicity and gadgets. Less is more.

Carat23® represents sustainability, fair trade, elegance and purity and are the key to this line of classy leather goods. A Carat23® will be worn with pride and adds a touch of class, and makes the ideal business, casual or travel companion. Carat23® is the one to bring along. Perfect for the self -conscience man. But also Laptop, tablet, phone sleeves and key chains, suit all the bags with class. Now you can take all your gadgets with you in style!

And, the name Carat23®, aiming for absolute perfection and purity, just like the ultimate 24 carat, which embodies 100% purity. We think we are very close, therefore Carat23®, a worthy “remarkable” brand!

In New York Carat23 became the winner of the “Timberland Best Green Handbag Award” and since 2015 you can spot them on the catwalk of the New York & LA Fashion Week.

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