Everything is fast nowadays – trends come and go before we catch up with them, our lives are fast paced and more efficient thanks primarily to technology and time continually feels like it is slipping away from our fingers. The world feels smaller as we are easily able to communicate anywhere from any corner of the world and somehow, it feels like most things have become attainable and accessible for many.

The fashion industry is one area that feels more accessible – fast fashion has given us the ability to play with our style but most of the time it feels like we are all dressing in the same way ­− donning that suit and tie for the office and putting on that graphic T-shirt or knitwear for casual days which is great on most days but sometimes it would be nice to distinguish ourselves from the crowd without having to go overboard and attract the wrong kind of attention.

Finding A Subtle Way Of Personalizing Your Style Choices

Rather than simply putting on that same old suit for that date or that shirt and chinos for a special lunch and heading out of the door, adding subtle accessories to your outfit is a great way of distinguishing yourself and taking the style factor up a notch with your outfit.

Take the pocket square – you can find this average sized 12 by 12-inch fabric in a myriad of colors and patterns, you don’t have to break the bank to invest in a few pieces and it does not take a genius to fold it in four and slide it into that suit jacket and look like you have the style genes of a well-dressed Italian man. Another subtle accessory you can add to your look is with cufflinks in any metal, monogrammed or not, to show you have put that extra bit more effort when you decided to wear that shirt.

When Is It Best To Wear Your Pocket Squares And Cufflinks?

Some men like to keep pocket squares and cufflinks to black tie events, to a wedding or any other formal occasion happening at night but it would be a shame to take out these two accessories for events that don’t happen every week. Rather than doing that, tap into your inner gentleman and use pocket squares and cufflinks for day events and why not for the office as well! Once you know the rules of fashion – the importance of a well-fitted suit, how to wear knitwear, denim, and shirts for elegant, timeless style, then you can start breaking the rules and establishing your own sense of style.

Pocket Squares: Which Colors Work Best?

When it comes to colors there really are no rules except that you should refrain from matching your pocket square to your tie exactly. Strike a balance with your materials – if your tie has a bright bold pattern then keep your pocket square in a solid color while you can go for a boldly patterned pocket square if your tie is more subdued. You can also refresh that dark old suit for that spring event you are attending by adding a pastel colored pocket square if you are not comfortable wearing pastels on your tie or shirt.

Cufflinks: Set Yourself Apart From The Crowd

Cufflinks are as timeless as watches are when it comes to men’s accessories. From 18ct gold pieces to silver or even metal, finding the ones that suit your budget is not that hard these days. One way of taking wearing cufflinks to the next level, however, is by customizing them with your initials. Nothing says elegance like customization and with cufflinks, it is about doing so in a subtle manner.

Ultimately, stylish details like these are a way of proving how the manner of fact and effortless style comes to you. Nobody wants to be seen as trying too hard but with pocket squares and cufflinks, you won’t be running the risk of being perceived as so.